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Bò 7 món - Seven courses of beef

Perfect for two includes all seven courses, green vegetables, herbs, pickles, rice noodles, rice paper, roasted peanuts, and anchovy sauce.

Gỏi bò ~ Beef salad
Shredded cabbage, carrot, and green herbs with house dressing.

28 lunch / 35 dinner
Bò nhúng dấm ~ Beef vinegar
Thin slices of beef and vinegar broth.

Bò nướng ~ Grilled beef
Grilled marinated beef slices rolled with Vietnamese bacon.

Bò lá-lốt ~ Beef la-lot
Grilled marinated ground beef wrapped in la-lot leaves.

Bò mở chày ~ Fatty beef
Grilled marinated ground beef wrapped in a thin sheet of fat.

Chả đùm ~ Steamed beef patty
Steamed ground beef marinated with spices, egg, and vegetables.

Cháo bò ~ Beef rice soup
Rice soup made with ground beef broth topped with cilantro, green onions, and pepper.

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