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Private spaces

Da Lat waterfall

Exclusively your patio with a 10-foot contemporary waterfall surrounded by lush foliage. The heated patio includes cushioned wicker chairs and sofas as well as fleece blankets available for your comfort. This area can be exclusive for 40 seated guests or for 45-55 standing cocktail reception guests.

Quoc Thanh performing stage

A semi-private stage featuring a white bamboo floor and ceiling along with a cabinet of antique Vietnamese plates, copper incense holders, Vietnamese ceramics, and rare French Cognacs. This area can be exclusive for 10-12 seated guests or 20 standing cocktail reception guests.

Phu Quoc camp fire pit

A semi-private open fire pit featuring contemporary cement styling in organic shapes. Three separate tables can seat up to 12 guests.

Exclusive Tamarind Tree

Enjoy your private event with 80-100 seated guests or 120-150 standing cocktail reception guests.

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