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Itemized dishes

Please note that the following banquet menu prices reflect events held at Tamarind Tree. For catering jobs at your venue we add an additional 30%. Please add current WA sales tax and 18% service charge to all food and beverage pricing.


(minimum 2 dozens per item ordered)

Saté cost per piece

Grilled lemongrass beef saté $3
Grilled la lot beef $2
Da Nang pork saté $3
Sai Gon meat ball saté (pork) $2
Lemon leaves chicken saté $3
La-lot chicken saté $3
Asian eggplant saté $2
Shiitake mushroom saté $2
Lemongrass tofu saté $2
Prawn saté $3


Tamarind Tree roll(2-half) $3
Spring roll (2-half) $3
Tofu fresh roll (2-half) $3
Skewered grilled pork roll (2 half) $3
Grilled meatball fresh roll (2 half) $3
Egg roll (deep fried, 2 half) $3.50
Skewered grilled chicken rolls (2 half) $3
Stuffed squid (one individual) $2.50
Stuffed escargot (one individual) $3
Quail grilled in tamarind (half) $3

Specialty dishes

Turmeric coconut rice cake (individual) $2
Steamed daikon cake $3
Steamed daikon prawn cake $3.50
Hue steamed rice cake $1.50

Handmade steamed rice paper

(one individual each roll)

Special steamed roll $2.50
Grilled pork steamed roll $2
Grilled Shiitake steamed roll $2
Grilled lemongrass tofu steamed roll $2
Vegetable dishes Garlic green bean wrap $3.50
Garlic green bean tofu wrap $3.50
Shiitake chayote wrap $3.50
Prawn chayote wrap $4
Garlic young bamboo wrap (seasonal) $4
Garlic morning glory wrap $3.50
Chili pepper lemongrass tofu wrap $3.50
Meat dishes Stuffed tofu garlic tomato (marinated pork) $3.50
Chili chicken lemon leaves wrap $3.50
Chili beef lemongrass wrap $3.50
Pan fried rice cake wrap (meatless) $3
Salad Bon bon salad wrap* $3.50
Green mango salad wrap* $3.50
Green papaya salad wrap* $3.50
Fresh lotus root salad wrap* $3.50
Duck salad wrap $3.50
Chicken salad wrap $3.50
Beef salad wrap $3.50

* choice of grilled prawn or grilled tofu or grilled chicken wrapped in fresh banana leaves

Steamed rice

Steamed jasmine rice ball $1
Steamed purple rice ball $1
Steamed brown rice ball $1
Steamed sweet rice ball $1


(bite size)

Cognac red banana cake $3.50
Grilled cassava coconut milk $3
Grilled red banana rice cake $3
Three beans coconut milk $2
Red bean coconut milk $2
White bean coconut milk $2
White chocolate ginger mousse $3
Flan $3
One scoop of homemade ice cream, your choice** $3 (s), $4 (m)

** Fresh pandan leaf, fresh ginger, fresh taro root, roasted coconut, durian, and black sesame seed

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